Help people solve endless pest problems in the garden and get more time for themselves and their family.


The appearance of rodents and wreckers on your plot of land such as mice, field mice, rats, moles, only a few can please. They inflict enormous damage on your site, damage fruits and vegetable crops, deforce the lawn, dig tunnels under the tiles laid out on the street, which further affects the deformation of the appearance. Pest control can be very difficult, as rodents can dig up whole tunnels underground, which exacerbates pest control.

The Mauskiller machine helps to get rid of pests once and for all, quickly and without any effort. The only thing you need is to find a hole, insert the exhaust pipe there and turn on the machine. The machine produces a lot of smoke, which is directly emitted into the tunnel system of the pest, spreads throughout the maze, and thus the pests quickly die in a humane and painless way. This method of pest control is harmless to other animals and organisms and is more environmentally friendly and effective than using e.g. poison or installing special metal traps.

Please be aware that the Mauskiller produces carbon monoxide, which is hazardous and therefore should only be used outdoors.


Mauskiller DK UG a small company without much administration, but with extensive experience. We offer our customers the best pest management solution with the best price-performance ratio . Our product is of high quality and easy to use.

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A galvanized steel engine with a 6.5 hp engine connected to a fuel pump that draws a mixture of gasoline and diesel into the exhaust system. This method is harmless to other animals and organisms and is more environmentally friendly and effective than e.g. the use of poisons and metal traps.

Price without VAT: 4396.00 DK

Price including VAT: 5495,00 DK

Delivery time: 3-5 days in Denmark